You want to know the honest truth. I don’t feel like writing this today. It’s been an emotionally draining day and week.  But I made a commitment to myself to do this.


So today is about letting go—release.


I’m choosing to let go of control of situations and people I have no control over. I release my emotional energy and attachment to them because it is incredibly draining. I cannot constantly worry about other people’s problems, lives, well-being, as well as my own.


So today I choose to be selfish and take time for myself to reflect and let go of everything that is not serving me. To simplify. To be at peace. 


Have you ever been looking for something or wanted something so bad and no matter how hard you try, you can’t make it materialize, but then as soon as you let go, resort that it is lost forever, it appears?


I choose to let go of others’ expectations of me. I choose to let go of people and things that don’t help me become a better version of myself. I choose to let go of toxic energy around me. This is something that has been hard lesson to learn in my 30 years—to just be and take care of yourself first sometimes.


(For those who don’t know… I am doing “30 days to 30” and sharing life lessons and stories in order to celebrate my birthday—hoping to break stigmas and stereotypes about what 30 means and looks like)

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