Hola! Bonjour! As salam alaikum! Olá! Hallo!
Hi, I’m Jessica Phillips

No, I don’t speak all those languages (yet). But wouldn’t that be cool.

The thing is, now that I am traveling the world and have time,  I can learn them. That is the beauty of being a Breakaway Babe and creating your own lifestyle.

Hey! Jessica here. Breakaway Babe. Travel and Wellness Blogger. Breakthrough Coach. I really kind of hate titles so let’s stop there.

My Breakaway Babe story began in 2017 when I left my career as a physician.  At the time I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, I just knew that I was incredibly unhappy and felt that I was missing out on so many things that I wanted to do with my life.

I sold my apartments worth of stuff, drove cross-country back home to TX and threw myself back into applying to traditional jobs. (Why oh why?!) Through this process, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted for my life. I resolved to learn online skills so I could work from anywhere in the world. I learned graphic and web design and launched my own web design, branding and content strategy business in Fall 2017. I mostly worked in the realm of medical content writing and editing and by early 2018 my heartstrings were being called to coaching. I had seen the immense changes that had manifested in my life from working with my own personal coach and wanted to help impact millennial women facing stress and burnout in their lives and careers.
I bought a one-way ticket to Mexico, the beginning of a trip around the world, proudly claiming the title of nomad and Breakaway Babe. I have climbed pyramids, wandered the streets, met so many great people, crammed way too much stuff in my backpack, brushed up on my rusty Spanish skills and worked along the way. Now I teach Breakaway Babes that they can do the same. There is no reason to keep living your life on autopilot when you can live each day with passion and adventure. You get to design your life, so make choices that make you happy and that in turn spread infectious energy to others!
  • I probably have more silly pictures of myself than serious ones. I definitely don’t take myself too seriously, crack myself up, and like to have fun.


  • I am all about authenticity, hair braided and yoga pants are how you may often find me.


  • In college, I memorized the most digits of Pi to get a giftcard. Procrastination, money, and nerd-dom were motivating factors.


  • I don’t have either, but I am a child and puppy magnet.

Let’s Get Real…

  • I love singing and driving (particularly together), two things I have found hard to do while traveling. There is always the shower I guess, but for water saving purposes I don’t always get my fill.


  • I consider myself a multipassionate or multipotentialite woman. Art, sciences, languages–I just love to learn and explore.


  • I have been teased at several points in my life for volunteering so much. Starting a free medical clinic, mentoring youth, volunteering with senior citizens–connecting with and helping people drives me.


  • I cried when I couldn’t see the Spice Girls live in concert. I did get to see Brittney Spears though. I am a product of 90s upbringing after all.

My intentions…

I feel that it’s only fair to be transparent and clarify my intentions for this blog, movement, and my coaching career.

BlogInspire millennial women to travel the world, and do so in a way that is healthy and mindful of the world around them!

Breakaway Babes Movement: I want to create a movement of confident millennial career women who are not afraid to break away from careers and other societal pressures keeping them from being truly aligned with themselves, their desires, and achieving happiness.

Breakthrough Coaching Services: Help stressed and burned out millennial women achieve personal breakthroughs that allow them to identify their passions, make career transitions, and travel the world.

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