I used to operate almost entirely out of FEAR. I still do at times. But having the awareness that I am making decisions based out of fear helps me to turn things around. 


I no longer want to do something because I am afraid of the consequences if I don’t. That is precisely what kept me trapped in medicine. I stayed for too long because I was too fearful of what the future would hold for me if I left.


You want to know what the future actually held for me–more than I could have ever imagined. Friendships, travel, and sure…failure, but lots of new experiences and challenges that have made me who I am today. 


So use the fear as motivation to take action, to move closer toward the life that you want to lead, instead of using it as an excuse for inaction. 


Turn these fear narratives around…turn them into action.


I don’t have enough money→ I will find a way to attract and make more. 

What if I fail?→ How will I feel if I never even try?

What will people think?→ How will people respond to a you that is happy, aligned and living life to the fullest?


Fear used to paralyze me. On occasion it still does. But I am learning how to use it to motivate me to action, to push myself out of my comfort zone, and in that way-GROW.


Some things that have scared me just in the past year:

  • Fear of relationship rejection and being alone indefinitely 
  • Fear that I’m incompotent at my job
  • Fear of learning a new language and being an outsider in a new place
  • Fear of not being liked or people finding me annoying 
  • Fear of putting the weight I lost back on
  • Fear that I can’t sustain the happiness that I have found. 


I am constantly working on changing my narratives around my fears to make them work in my benefit. What fears do you need to reporgram?


(For those who don’t know… I am doing “30 days to 30” and sharing life lessons and stories in order to celebrate my birthday—hoping to break stigmas and stereotypes about what 30 means and looks like)

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