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As an intuitive empath, I have the ability to pick up on the emotions and body language of others, which allows me to connect with clients, even online. I am open-minded and employ a personalized approach. I welcome clients from a diversity of backgrounds and tailor my coaching to each client’s unique situation to help them achieve the results they desire.

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Jessica Phillips

Hey babe,  You’ve come here for a reason. You’re tired of being stressed, exhausted, and unfulfilled at work, leaving no time for you to lead the life that you want, one that is full of passion, happiness, and adventure. You may be confused because you feel like the path you are on “should be bringing you happiness” and I can empathize with those sentiments. Or maybe you feel your energy is being pulled in many different competing directions. In 2016, when I first considered the idea of leaving my job as a physician I was terrified. I did not know anyone who had done the same and had no “launch plan.” I just knew that my happiness depended on figuring out another path for myself so I took the leap and off I went. It was not always easy but I learned a lot about myself. Now I am traveling the world and getting to work with women, an absolute dream! IT’S TIME. Time to focus on yourself. Time to reflect on what you truly want for your life and have the BREAKTHROUGH that’s been a long time coming. Are you ready to take some serious action?  


What I Offer Clients

Open Communication

I make myself available to my clients. Generally 2 “face-to-face” online sessions per month, and unlimited contact via FB messenger, voxer or email in between sessions.

Mindset Work

When confronting something as tough as possibly leaving your career and launching off to travel there are lots of decisions to be made and fears to address. We will tackle limiting beliefs in an encouraging but also “get your shit together” attitude.


I’ve been where you are and I am happy to share my personal experiences and help you develop tools to get results faster. Yes, you may be able to do the same on your own, but coaching provides more clarity and less floundering about aimlessly.


I will hold you accountable for taking actionable steps in moving toward your goals so you can manifest a personal breakthrough and finally feel aligned with your life path.

Breakthrough Coaching

Why invest in coaching?

Everyone encounters coaching at different stages in their life. Some may be completely unfamiliar with what coaching entails while others are already addicted to it’s positive effects.

Encouragement and Confidence: Coaching provides a venue where you can express your dreams and aspirations and make actionable goals to work toward them, often when you may not have support in other areas of your life. Accelerated results: It provides a funnel to parse down the unnecessary floundering of trying to do everything on your own by having someone else experienced (ie your coach) for guidance.  Accountability: Someone who cares about your progress and is keeping you on track to accomplish your goals. Plus, an added perspective to challenge you. Coaching is not a magic pill or cure-it still requires work on the part of the client. So only enter into coaching if you know you are ready to make changes in your life! 

I have personally found working with my own coaches that I always leave the sessions on a high. The energy exchange that takes place is so powerful that I am ready to take on the world again if I have been in a slump!

Looking to become a Breakaway Babe, but waiting for the perfect time? (hint: it doesn’t exist)

My specialty

Burnout and Stress Reduction Career Transitions Addressing Fears of “GOing Against the Grain” Determining your Passions Designing a Career and Lifestyle suited to your goals for the future Dealing with IMPOSTER SYNDROME Building a Remote or Travel Lifestyle

Burned out? Tired of the daily autopilot? Ready to leave the stress behind and travel/go remote?
I am launching a 10-week “Breakaway from the Hustle” Mastermind course for ambitious millennial babes that want to go from overworked and burned out, to freely traveling the world with more confidence in her life direction.
Join an intimate group of women as we discuss self-care, directing your energy, finding a career that suits your personality, making plans to leave and launch, and busting through the limiting fears holding you back! I would love for you to join me!

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