I used to fear CHANGE—as a product of wanting to retain control over everything in my life. In the past 3 years I have experienced more change, and as a byproduct more growth than I could have ever imagined.


My career has changed. My body has changed. My group of friends has changed. My self-worth has changed. My lifestyle has changed. My financial security has changed. My mental health has changed.


My twenties embodied change for me. At first, it was scary. No—in reality, it was paralyzing. I couldn’t seem to take steps forward. But slowly and surely it became easier to see that ACTION…small baby actions move me forward every day.


Now I embrace the changes—I actually welcome the change— because I know from experience the lessons it has taught me and how changes will continue to shape me and allow me to better adapt and live in this world.



Before I was paralyzed by making decisions. I would criticize myself for mistakes. Everything had to go perfectly. Now if I end up on the metro going in circles and lost, I laugh it off. If I totally flub something up or get paralyzed by decision making I take a deep breath and remind myself that imperfection and change are all part of the process.


I encourage you to embrace the change as well. Laugh it off. I promise it helps to not take yourself so seriously all the time.

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