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Smart Travel Guide

by: Dr. Jessica Phillips

Welcome! This guide is all about traveling well.

It will cover topics such as vaccination and health concerns while traveling, safety, planning for travel, and maintaining overall wellness and happiness while “on the road.”

*Please note that although I am a physician, none of the information in this document should be considered medical advice and substituted for the guidance of your qualified medical provider prior to embarking on a vacation or long-term trip.


Prior to travel, it is important to educate yourself on the endemic diseases of a country to find out what you need to be vaccinated against.

– dr. Jess

Your Travel Wellness Guide 

Dr. Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips is a breakthrough coach, travel wellness blogger, founder of Breakaway Babes, and on a mission to help women break away from stress and burnout to build lives they are passionate about and truly aligned with. Despite spending much of her early adult life attending medical school and pursuing a residency in pediatrics, she has since realized
that her true passion lies in helping millennial women.

She now works spreading her message globally through live workshops, coaching women one-on-one, and by supporting her community on social media. She has embraced the label digital nomad, simplifying her life to travel and explore the world. She is passionate about empowering women to focus on self-care, feel fulfilled in their careers, and build lifestyles that provide them the freedom to pursue their many passions.

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