from Rut to Strut

4-Week Women’s Program

November 2018

Taking millennial babes from stressed, burned out & doubting her path to confidently building her dream lifestyle. Training in the mindset behind getting “unstuck.”

Burned Out. Sick of the daily autopilot.

Feel like your life and career are stuck in a Rut?

You are working every day, completing your tasks as best you can without having a meltdown. All the while you are pushing down your deepest desires and dreams for your life. You aren’t telling anyone how unhappy or discontent you are with your life. You are afraid to even admit to yourself that the life you’ve created for yourself is not what you ACTUALLY want. YOU chose to go to that college. YOU accepted this job. YOU go to work every day, try to be a good friend/daughter/volunteer in what time you have left and still find time for yourself. You feel trapped and are spinning your wheels. You are in a RUT. It’s time we get your STRUT back babe!

You feel stuck and unproductive. And beat yourself up about it. And the cycle continues.

You’ve stopped trying to convince yourself that you SHOULD feel happy with this set-up and now you are just trapped and looking for a way out, lost and confused.

You don’t have to stay in a Miserable RUT

Imagine yourself…

  • Waking up every day looking forward to the work that you do.
  • Practicing gratitude more often.
  • Feeling powerful instead of helpless regarding your life circumstances.
  • Feeling that you are truly aligned with your work and that your work is appreciated and provides value to the world.
  • Not working yourself into a frenzy where you are emotionally and physically exhausted all the time.
  • Able to shift yourself out of negative thought cycles and self-doubt to take action.
  • Confident in your capabilities, skills, and the value that you offer to clients and others.
  • No longer holding yourself back–not fearful in pursuing your true desires, courageous and living as your most authentic self!
  • Feeling ambitious, happy, peaceful, and inspired.

Hey, Babe! Let’s move you from rut to Strut

Meet Dr. Jessica Phillips

I know your path because I was exactly there. I was working 100 hour weeks, miserable in my position but felt trapped. Absolutely stuck in a RUT.

My education and training had led me to that point. I had actively chosen this path, hadn’t I? Why wasn’t I happy?

The list of reasons for not leaving replayed in my head:

  • obligations to my patients, colleagues, and mentors
  • my enormous student debt
  • my lack of identity if I was no longer a doctor
  • the idea of “starting over” was terrifying
  • the shame of leaving a helping profession…”no one decides not to help people…that is just selfish Jessica”
  • concern over what others would think

Since leaving my medical career, I have transformed my life, body, and mind. Mindset work has helped me start a business, lose 100+ pounds, and most importantly maintain my personal happiness. I still have days where I feel like I’m in a RUT but knowing how to shift my mindset has made all the difference in moving forward!

 I”ve stopped holding myself back and now I’m happily traveling the world!

I am on a mission to guide millennial women to breakthroughs in their lives. To teach them that they can be independent, successful, traveling BREAKAWAY BABES–free from career stress, societal expectations, and self-imposed restrictions on their lives.

Take the LEAp. GO fOR IT.

This program is for you if…

  • You’re burned out.
  • You’re stuck in ‘overanalysis paralysis.’
  • You suffer from imposter syndrome, think you are unqualified, don’t deserve what you have or don’t belong.
  • You are having trouble directing yourself in a given direction to gain momentum moving forward.
  • You are seriously holding yourself back.
  • You straight up just need a kick in the rear to get going and take action to stop spinning your wheels.
  • You spend more time beating yourself up about the current path you are on and wondering how you have gotten there than taking measurable action to change your circumstances.

So, how does the program work?

Each babe will be given access to a private Facebook group to connect with the other women. Weekly content will vary but will often include a short video, workbooks, or other supplementary materials. Each week we will all convene via Zoom to discuss the course material and any blocks that are coming up in a group coaching format. Tons of support as we work on those mental shifts necessary to move from RUT to STRUT.

Week 1 : Reality Check

Getting raw, real, and addressing challenges. This week is about acknowledging your current circumstances and stopping the denial. We are diving right in. You can’t move forward unless we address why you are in a RUT.

Week 2 : Self-Discovery

Figuring out what motivates and moves you. Discussions surrounding mindset shifting and implementing lifestyle changes. Dive deep into what you desire for your life.

Week 3 : Not giving a F*ck

Stop people pleasing, thinking about societal expectations and trying to plan every little thing. This week is about releasing control and learning to listen to downloads from your intuition and the universe. SO. HARD. SOMETIMES.

Week 4 : Owning your Power

It’s time to take action and own your power. Stop telling yourself bullshit lies and limiting beliefs about why you can’t accomplish things. This week is focused on breaking down the self-imposed barriers holding you back from moving forward in your life. We will build your confidence and address issues surrounding imposter syndrome and self-worth so you can move forward and TAKE ACTION.

Jessica Phillips, M.D.

Your Breakthrough Coach From burned out doctor to globetrotting babe, travel wellness blogger and breakthrough coach to millennial women–I will share my personal journey, help guide you to your own breakthrough, and provide a safe space for a community of women to authentically be themselves–let’s shift you from RUT to STRUT so you can leave your mark on the world!

from Rut to Strut

You’ll leave…
  • Better Able to COmbat Burnout with SElf-Care
  • Having Released Control and Stress
  • Visualizing your Ideal Lifestyle and Future Goals.
  • Confident in Your ability to Take action, Having Busted through the Limiting Beliefs holding you back!
  • Self-aware of how to shift yourself out of a daily Rut
  • Feeling connected to a strong Group of Women you can call on for Support
If you’re ready, we are going to create some major shifts in your life! I am so excited to guide you in this process and see what amazing visions you have for your life! Don’t settle. You deserve to be happy and passionate about your life. Share that infectious energy with others!  Let’s do this!

Love, Jess

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