Health + Wellness

Busy running around from one task to another, slacking in the self-care department? I’ve definitely been there!

I’m happy to share my tips for how I’ve turned my health around, both mentally and physically, losing more than 35 kilos (yes this American is trying to go metric!) and created a daily routine that keeps me balanced and sane while traveling. 

My aim is to share advice and inspiration regarding health and wellness, advocate for self-care and personal fulfillment, and destigmatize mental health conditions. 


Advocating for Wellness

I discuss diet and exercise tips while traveling, mental health challenges, personal development tips and more.

Jessica is a Travel + Wellness Blogger and Breakthrough Coach for Ambitious Millennial Women.


Current Location

Medellín, Colombia


Note: None of the health and wellness information contained in this site should be substituted for the advice of your qualified medical provider.

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