Do you struggle with feeling like an imposter? Like no matter what you do, you aren’t qualified, you shouldn’t be there, you don’t belong?


I feel you. 


Maybe you did like I did and you followed others/societal advice to go to college, get a job—do the “normal” path, so to say. And here you are trucking along, battling waves of feeling like an imposter.


You try to fill your life with outside things to keep you happy but you feel like an imposter there too. You want to know what the real issues is—YOU. You are judging yourself and operating from fear. Until you decide that you deserve a seat at the table, that you have confidence and that you belong, or honestly that it really doesn’t matter that much what others think, you will continue to struggle.


I quit my job and went remote. Of course, that only added to my imposter syndrome. At least in medicine I didn’t always feel like an imposter. That was what I trained in. Leaving and starting in something else brought up an immense amount of insecurities. You do all the things the guidebooks say…you take courses online, you try working a regular 9-5 schedule even if it’s for yourself or freelancing, you do a morning routine, and yet you still feel like an imposter and can’t get your shit together.  For me I tried all the things in an attempt to do it “right”, but just found myself more lost and not feeling like myself. I’m a night owl. Now I work on my own schedule and if I’m feeling more creative at night that’s when I work.


You want to know what I think the real problem is…we are all trying to be someone else, live up to others’ expectations, or who we think we should be.. We are afraid to stray from what is deemed acceptable and normal. We all write the same social media content, we all take the same glam IG shots, we all aspire to fit in because being different scares us. We all think we are doing life “wrong,” when really each of us has our own unique path.


(For those who don’t know… I am doing “30 days to 30” and sharing life lessons and stories in order to celebrate my birthday—hoping to break stigmas and stereotypes about what 30 means and looks like)

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