Education + Career

Feeling lost with what you are doing with your life?

Got that spiffy (and expensive degree), working and now thinking WTF am I doing? Perhaps you are like me and chased your education and career only to come to the realization that it is not making you happy–causing instant panic that you “chose the wrong thing.”

As a multipassionate woman, this is a safe space for those with many passions, who have no clue what to do because they love a lot of things. Explore. Let’s figure it out. You also don’t have to choose just one.

Topics like traditional and nontraditional education formats, career changes and workplace stress will all be discussed here!

What’s my purpose?

Discussions on work-life balance, workplace stress, obtaining an education, and finding a properly suited career.

Jessica is a Travel + Wellness Blogger and Breakthrough Coach for Ambitious Millennial Women.


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Medellín, Colombia


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