Breakaway Babes Manifesto

We choose to make ourselves a priority–our health, our happiness, and our future. We refuse to give our power away.

We believe in being authentic, letting go of what others think of our path and delving deep into what we desire for our lives.

We embrace new people and opportunities, and the area outside of our comfort zone because we realize that is where the most growth occurs.

We will learn to trust our intuition, slow down, and be more mindful of the world around us.

We want to show the world that independent millennial women can chase their dreams and travel the world, regardless of societal expectations for women.

We care about mentoring, leading, building supportive communities of women and leaving an impact on the world through our actions.

We commit to investing in ourselves, our personal growth, and tackling limiting beliefs, even when it gets messy.

Breakaway Babes are…


She is open to change, meeting new people, traveling, and improving her circumstances.


She has often been putting her needs last. She cares for others and wants to leave a lasting impact in the world.


She may not have it all figured out, but she has survived her fair share of challenges and can figure things out.


She has big dreams for her life, her career, and her impact on the world and is not afraid to manifest them.


She is a hardworker. She has spent a lot of her time building a career and life she thought she wanted.


She craves a sense of adventure and wonders about the world around her.
“We don’t travel to escape life. We travel for life not to escape us.”

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